September 2020

Zane Alsberga joined the lab as a research technician, welcome!

The second student from the group defended his thesis today. Congratulations to Paulo for his great work!

After Paulo’s defense

August 2020

Gabriel Brognara joined the lab to work on the mechanism of Rab5 activation, welcome!

June 2020

Urban successfully defended his thesis, congratulations Dr. Bezeljak!

After Urban’s defense

March 2020

  • New website is online! The old one can still be found here.
  • Due to the Coronavirus, the lab has shut down for now. We’ll be back at the bench in a couple of weeks. In the meantime the lab meeting happens on Zoom!
March 20th: First group meeting during social distancing.

February 2020

January 2020

  • Lukasz and Isabel joined our group today, welcome!
  • Our paper on the dynamic coupling between treadmilling FtsZ filaments and cell division proteins has been published in Nature Microbiology! 
  • Natalia also wrote a blog post on our story for the Nature Research Microbiology Community, find it here!
Treadmilling filaments of FtsZ (right) organize the cytoplasmic peptide of FtsN attached to the lipid bilayer.

December 2019

  • Our fanatastic technician Mar won the yearly award for “Outstanding Scientific Support” at IST Austria, congratulations!  
  • Paulo’s paper on how ZapA modulates the architecture of FtsZ filament bundles has been published in to the Nature Communications!
Binding of ZapA aligns treadmilling FtsZ filaments in a cooperative manner and without changing the treadmilling speed.

November 2019

Martin has been selected to the EMBO YIP program!

September 2019

Urban has studied the emergent properties of a Rab5 activation network in vitro. We found cooperative activation, bistability and activation waves!

In vitro reconstitution of Rab5 activation revealed the emergent properties of the underlying biochemical network.

Find the preprint “Stochastic activation and bistability in a Rab GTPase regulatory network” on BioRxiv! 

June 2019

Great food and science at our “Loose lab symposium” at Tulbinger Kogel!

April 2019

Natalia, Phillip and Paulo attended the Cell Biology of Prokaryotes conference at the Banz Abbey! Natalia was selected to give a talk and Paulo won the 1st poster prize, congratulations!

March 2019

The preprint to Paulo’s paper is online! He studied how ZapA modulates the architecture of a membrane-bound FtsZ cytoskeletal network. To our surprise, ZapA strongly affects the architecture of FtsZ filament bundles, but has no influence on treadmilling dynamics. Find the preprint on BioRxiv!

The presence of ZapA (right) has a dramatic effect on the large-scale organization of FtsZ filaments.

January 2019

Batirtze joined the lab as a Postdoc today, welcome!

January 2015 – December 2018

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